People don’t buy what you do…

…they buy why you do it.

That’s what Simon Sinek argues in his powerful TED talk and it’s hard to disagree.

I witnessed this firsthand when on our Easter break at Croyde Bay (a beautiful part of the world that I recommend visiting, by the way).


Down by the beach, in a surf shop we met a lady who was running her own small jewellery business.

There’s nothing remarkable about someone making and selling jewellery; granted. However, this lady was making exquisite pieces of jewellery from pieces of glass and pottery that had all been sourced from Croyde beach.

Now, people love Croyde. They just do. You come away wishing you could take a part of it with you and that is why this lady was doing what she was doing. She wanted to make it possible to take a piece of the place you love away with you, in the form of a beautiful piece of jewellery.

Like many others, we were in.

We bought why she was doing it and my wife left with a very pretty  green “sea glass” ring.

If you’d like a piece of Croyde, check out Croyde Sea Glass on Etsy or Instagram.

Croyde – Easter 2016

A few snaps from our Easter break…

The view from the front door!
The kids on the beach
Love this photo
Nicholas photographing a rainbow over Putsborough beach
Smiley faces
Sharing a bench
Em on the rocks at Croyde bay
Kids playing in the sea
Fun in the sea
Clambering on rocks at Bennett’s Mouth
Nice family photo, taken by a passer by.

Remember to be Happy

I was driving along with my 6 year old son in the back at the weekend when, from out of nowhere, he asked, “Daddy, how much pleasure do you have in your heart?”.

I had to think about this.

“My heart is full of pleasure!”, I eventually replied after pondering the question. “I have you and Emma and Mummy,  we live in a nice place and I enjoy what I do for a living, so I have lots of pleasure.”

“But how do you know how much pleasure is in your heart? You can’t see it!”

“Well, no, but I can feel it.”

And then I did start to feel it.

Sometimes we have to remind ourselves to be happy.